Activate Your SIM Card

To activate, enter the 19 digit code located on the back of the SIM in the bottom left hand corner.

*Register to earn FREE service using SurgeRewards


*You MUST download and register the app on your device to earn free or discounted SurgePhoneTM Wireless service.


If you need assistance, our activation Ninjas are available at 855.467.8743 or chat with them online.



If the last digit of your SIM # ends with “F”, please do NOT include the “F” in the activation code.


    1. From your mobile device, download the SurgeRewards app from the Google Play store.
    2. Register for your SurgeRewards account.
    3. Use your phone as normal and earn SurgeRewards Points.
    4. Your first $10 earned each month is automatically applied as a $10 credit to your SurgePhone wireless bill.
Download SurgeRewards App HERE

*Visit SurgeRewards.com to view Terms of Service.